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Fish Oil Pills Side Effects

fish-oil-supplementWhen you hardly get sufficient fish oil through your normal diets, fish oil pills come in handy as a substitute. Fish oil pills are often safe for a majority of people when taken in the right amounts. However, they are unsafe and have some serious side effects when more than the required is consumed, that is more than 3 grams a day. Some of the risks posed by excessive intake of fish oil pills include increased bleeding and a reduction of your body’s immunity.

When you take more fish oil than your body needs, it delays blood clotting, thus causing excess bleeding. People with any bleeding disorder are recommended to take fish oil pills with much caution and under a doctor’s supervision. So should be the case to anyone without a bleeding history.

High intake of fish oil may also reduce your body’s capacity to fight of diseases and infections. It is a special case for those on medication to lower the activeness of their immune systems. For instance, patients of organ transplant and the elderly people. Nevertheless, high doses of fish oil should only be taken under medical care.

Some of the known fish oil side effects include:

  • belching
  • bad breath and a fish taste in your mouth
  • heartburn
  • nausea
  • loose stools
  • rash
  • nose bleeding

Taking fish oil supplement of high quality can greatly reduce the occurrence of any of these side effects. Some fish oil supplements in the market contain mercury or other toxic impurities. To avoid such, buy pills only from trustworthy sources who can test for these contaminants. It’s also advisable to take fish oil with meals to reduce these side effects, especially if you’re pregnant.

If you are on medication, see your doctor before taking fish oil pills. Also those with a known fish allergy should speak to their doctors before consuming fish oil.